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Caffeine Free


Discover the ultimate feel-good be-good treat, as you inhale rich chocolatey aromas, sip in sweet rooibos and pay homage to after-dinner moments and happy days.

Naturally organic and caffeine-free.

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Great Taste Awards two gold stars

How to Brew

Best brewed with water around 70-80˚C for five to six minutes and add splash of milk if you fancy.

How Joe Does Organic

Joe believes in fuss-free organic because tea needs properly looking after in happy soil to be its best. That’s why Joe uses only organic tea, herbs and fruit in his blends, grown to perfection using old-school organic farming methods.

How To Drink

This is the ultimate guilt free treat. The natural sweetness and chocolatey flavour has zero calories or caffeine and the rooibos leaves are high in antioxidants. Great for after dinner if resisting naughty puddings!

The Tea

  • Smooth organic rooibos, natural chocolate pieces and vanilla pods
  • 15 Good-to-go fuso bags made from biodegradable corn starch
  • Only Organic Ingredients


  • Rooibos
  • Vanilla Pods
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Natural Chocolate Flavour
  • Natural Vanilla Flavour